Welcome !

"Do not be discouraged, it's often the last key in the bunch that opens the door" - Paulo Coelho

Le Moulin de Beaupré

A new place dedicated to resourcing, personal developing, meditation, creativity. 

Located less than 2 hours far from Paris.


We wish to restore this mill by preserving its style, its incredible charm, its balance. We ensure its development while maintaining its fundamental human dimension.

Works began in July 2017. We were able to have the first groups on 2017 Fall season. Further works are following all along the mill's life.

Throughout this period, we felt inspired and called. We received many encouragements and testimonials from our audience.


We warmly thank those who took part to the crowdfunding of the Moulin de Beaupré, allowing the emergence of a new place of creation and meditation. I thank those from near and far who have supported, motivated and inspired us. I thank those who will join us tomorrow.

In this sensitive period where sometimes the horizon may seem obscure, we wish to share the fact that an ethical, human, ecological project carried by strong and shared values is always ready to be born as long as it is inspired by the energy of the heart.

The celebrated French actor used to encouraged us to put more art in our life and more life in our art. We hope that this intention will bring the Moulin de Beaupré on the path that awaits it and that together with you we co-create.


We wish this mill to be an inspiration for those who will come visit it. The mill will host internships, retreats of meditation, open to all kind of audience as well as artists residencies, projects holders, top managers, leaders. It is an ideal place to relax and reconnect to nature as well as essence of Life. However, personal development only makes sense if it is oriented outwards. We want the mill to be a breeding ground of creations. We will encourage new initiatives, establish links between different partners.


We wish this place to be open, accessible, modern, alive, creative. We want to renovate it with ecological and environmentally friendly modes. We want to create an organic vegetable garden, a permaculture area. 

By developing permaculture, we want to take care of the land. We also wish to offer organic baskets to the people who will come, to develop new ecological and sustainable initiatives.

It suddenly seems important and obvious to us to guide the financial arrangement other than with traditional bank financing. We therefor founded an society and created a crowdfunding. We set up loans with individuals. We allowed people who knew our approach to join the project of the Moulin de Beaupré. This method of financing is more in line with our values and more in connection with a new form of ecological, sustainable and ethical economy.

Everyday we receive support, encouragement and partnership proposals. Everyone is a winner ! It is a new, more ethical way of building which is being established.

On Monday, April 24, 2017 at 4pm, we sign the act of acquisition of the Moulin de Beaupré.