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"To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete" - Albert Einstein



Pascale Baudonnel : "Superb projet, wishing that it succeeds!"

Simon-Qûé Gomis : "Nagarjuna said that through a loving heart we get everything... Thank you Arnaud for your loving heart."

Vanessa Laisnard : "With all my gratitude!"

Frédérique Chamayou : "A very beautiful projet which could fit to the writers too in search for quietness and inspiration. Brava!" 

Martine Picard : "I wish you the best... I am delighted to humbly be aside you in this beautiful realization." 

Isalou Regen : "Dear both of you, I am very happy to the idea to create this new link and take part - even modestly - to your wonderful project full of sens and good vibes. I am with you from all my heart. You are invaluable :)" 

Sophie Robert : "Long life to Moulin de Beaupré ! Can't wait to know it..."

René Massaer : "Small streams make big rivers... A beautiful and long life to this project!" 

Pascale Léger : "Hoping to contribute as I can to the realization of your dream."

Florent Legendre

Aurore Giot : "Hélène and Arnaud, I wish you a very beautiful human and spiritual adventure in the Moulin de Beaupré, in connection with nature and in co-creation with life and all. "We are permanently needed to the daily world creation. We are never the guardians of something accomplished but always co-creator of a what is becoming." - C.Singer. "Nature, the inexhaustible treasure of colors and sounds, shapes and rhythms, unequaled model of total development and perpetual variation, nature is the supreme resource." - O. Messiaen. What is made with Love always succeeds!" 

Bruno Brochard : "to make this wonderful project come true and grow up with gratitude and love." 

Stanislas Joly

Anne-Lise Guillet : "A small contribution to this very beautiful project which, I am sure, will be successful !"

Catharina von Bargen

Mariella Lanata

Laurence Garmadi : "May this dream come reality, with all my heart."

Laurence Jutard : "I hope that your beautiful project will come real and will come enchant the world through this unique place which you are going to create. Looking forward to experience a week-end of gratitude or meditation with you in this place." 

Marie-Hélène Rouzineau : "So moved to be able to contribue to the realization of a dream which can only come true and carry the values of the heart. Can't wait to discover it. May the path be bright." 

Claudette Lamarche : "Arnaud, I was very touched by the honor to be sponsor of your project"

Olivia Errard

Delphine Raubert : "Brava for this beautiful project." 



Catherine Duffour : "I wish you a magnificent adventure with this mill."

Liliane Cima

Julie Launay : "What a beautiful project you are offering here !!!! This kind of place is missing in France... I hope it will succeed and I will be able to come here some day... You are so inspiring people... The different modes of financement are a real good idea, so everyone can contribute... I wish you all the very best!"

Sonia Jacob : "Go on friends! beautiful project !!!!"

Michelle Allinc

Eve Thibaut : "With all my gratitude for the love I receive from Arnaud through the "Défi des 100 jours" (100 Days Challenge book) and the reconnection to the magic of life. All my wishes of success for your magnificent project and I wish you every happiness to both of you!"

Cathy Barbe-Albert : "I am following Arnaud and Lilou for a while, doing the "Défi des 100 jours" (100 Days Challenge book) on intuition with a group of motivated friends and I came to the conference in Talence. To be brief, I really like what you do. I picked up the beaver (Tarot animals cards) just this morning so contributing to this project at my own level confirms me that I am in action. The mill project touches me a lot, I think the idea is great. With all my encouragements and support. From the bottom of the heart."

Amélie Gremaud : "Brava for this beautiful project!"

Lopez Estelle"We really believe in your wonderful project !! We hope with all our heart that it can come true! Here are some drops of water which, we hope, will attract many others to feed this wonderful mill. We send you much love and beautiful energies to both of you. May this beautiful idea come true !!"

Marie-Laure Rivoire : "I am very happy to contribute in the project which will radiate, I bring water to the mill... WHAT A JOY!"

Olivia Mallier : "Happy to bring my modest contribution to your project of Arts and united hearts, I send you waves of all my gratitude in support of your beautiful realization - with you for your kindnesses and your sharing in our world of beings in search for real senses to life."

Agnes Labarsouque : "I'm the hummingbird, I'm doing my part, no matter how small it is..."

Karen Raceah : "I thank you for giving me the chance to contribute in this beautiful project that thrills me. Looking forward to meeting you again."

Ania Malavoy : "Good luck for this beautiful project!"

Josephine Chiocca : "I love this project and I would like to create a similar one in Corsica."

Serge Carnevale : "Action exists when idea ceases, and the idea ceases when there is love. These words by krishnamurti fit well to me and to you and I like to melt them in your beautiful design Hélène and Arnaud. Bon voyage to your mill of heart and peace."

Pauline Simon

Nathalie Lapeyre : "Hello Hélène and Arnaud, Delighted to be able to modestly contribute in this beautiful project! Have a nice day"

Marie Huchon : "My Colibri (hummingbird) ritual! Thank you for opening this mill to co-creation."

Carole Bigot : "I stare at this place and I say Woohhh it is exactly where I would like to be to meditate, to write, to sing... as obvious... BRAVA for your project, your initiative and this magical and beautiful place; I feel a lot of gratitude for this new energy conveyed by this place and both of you."

Noémie Teodoro : "I contribute with pleasure in your project which I hope will be a huge success. Thank you for your interest in this mill."

Virginie Leroy

Agathe Lefevre : "I wish you every success in this wonderful project."

Gerald Semenjuk

Marie Decker : "It's a joy to contribute in this beautiful project." 

Sophie Pichon : "Let the dream come true :-)"

Cécile Morel

Michaela Thorel : "Captivated by the luminous flame and the spirited vitality of Hélène who is one with her piano. Virtuosity, passion, pure emotion : the most beautiful musical memory of the year... so far! Thank you. I keep you in my heart and admire your project that resonates positively in my soul as a pianist and Pilates / health coach... Beyond success, it will be an achievement."

Nicolas Boulogne : "Arnaud, Hélène, by this symbolic sum, I contribute in your beautiful project which will take place. I am wholehartedly with you. With all my love."

Pierre-Olivier Mangin

Guillaume Dévoué : "Chers Hélène et Arnaud, je vous souhaite mille bonheurs au moulin et suis de tout coeur avec vous !"

Agathe : "I contributed and since the mill remains present in my mind with the desire to come soon. Thank you for making this project open to all, I love your confidence that some could describe as boldness. See you soon with a lots of profound joy."

Corinne Galvez : "Hope to see you in this place that looks so peaceful, to share again magical moments!"

Magalie Giza : "I hope that your beautiful project come true."

Roselyne : "I sincerely hope that your project will succeed in this peaceful and inspiring place."

Christophe Mroz

Monika Mengenthaler : "Thank you to both of you for daring this wonderful project! I am delighted to bring my drop of water... and look forward to come relax in this natural setting... Just by seeing the pictures, what a beautiful vibration... Lots of beautiful things... and see you soon."

Céline Piriac : "A very inspiring initiative, congratulations! May the best energies accompany you in the building works!" 

André Richard

Sabine Richard

Christine Viethel

Sheredhan Moutaber

Nathalie Lafoux

Chantal Durand

Gérard Lancosme

Charlotte Chambaret

Marielle Rachline

Achat Sas

Evelyne Thiebaut

Philippe et Caroline Galley

Isabelle Benazt Fays

Sylvain et Lydie David

Bernard Loustalot

Claire Levy

Maria Salvador

Allia Eddine

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